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October 11, 2017: The page below this top section and the rest of this site, pulled from a floppy disk I had lying around, is a snapshot of the original server as it looked almost 20 years ago, shortly before it was shutdown. Many of the links have rotted meaning they are no longer pointing to valid or complete pages. The page has mostly been left as-is to affect a semblence of historical realism at a time when Facebook and Twitter, well, were not yet in existance. I did add the (obviously non-live!) moving images from my archive to add to the fun. Enjoy!

See also the following postings I've learned about since the original site's existance, and most of which are very contemporary:

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Operational factoids: This site is currently hosted on Math IT's server. It is a sub-directory to Chemistry's IT Request Form service site, specifically "help.it.chem.cornell.edu/pumpkin/".
A recent copy of the website is thus on Chemistry IT's file share,"R:\Chem IT\Web Support\RequestFormsMathServer\pumpkin", just in case it's needed for a restore.
Below this line is a copy of the original site. Enjoy!

Welcome to staff, students, alumni, and friends of

PumpkinCam video historical sample
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(or visit our video-streaming site.)
Verdict: It was a real pumpkin!
Get the full report, as well as links to all things pumpkin.

Since the pumpkin's forced removal, we've set the camera's zoom to encompass more of the enshrouded Tower, people working, and so you can see our glorious Ithaca weather.

Special event:  If you're in Ithaca, come see how you can create your own WebCam site, with a Macintosh!  April 22, 1998 (Wednesday), 7pm, Ithaca College campus, Textor Lecture Hall 103.
Brought to you by MUGWUMP and the creator of Cornell's Pumpkin Watch webcam site.

Site news:  This web site's hardware is moving, and it's broadcasted view will soon be gone, too.

Thanks to all those those who wrote in with ideas on how to improve this page.  I've really enjoyed taking this journey with you all!
Peace - Oliver B. Habicht

Other sites of interest:

Visit our continuous, live, video-streaming site. (No plug-in required.)

The contest for Cornell undergraduate students (March 13th deadline, now past): What is it?  Answer: A pumpkin!  See the contest winner's close-up from fly-by performed by undergraduates Jon, Sam, Eldar, and Fred!  Sorry if you're having problems getting the close-ups.

How did the pumpkin finally fall?  Read this story to find out, and see images from the event.  More about the tale of the pumpkin.

Want to see what all the fuss was about?  Go to this day-time picture to see the pumpkin as it sat atop the McGraw Tower from October 8, 1997 to March 13, 1998.

Do you enjoy watching paint dry? Then don't miss the pumpkin's last hour on the tower!

(Coming soon: Cornell's plans for university-sponsored WebCam sites.  At that time, this web site's hardware is moving.)

Celebrate the Pumpkin through song.

Come see how you can create your own WebCam site.

Listen to the Cornell Chimes.

About the McGraw Tower (part of the Uris Library building.)

About the McGraw Tower construction project, and some history of the tower.

Ithaca's weather.  Is it always this beautiful?

Contact Oliver B. Habicht ('97) via e-mail, or call him at (607) 255-3530.
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