The Cornell Pumpkin Song

By Evangeline "Lynn" Ray

Far above the graceful meadow of the Arts' Quad green,

Stands a noble orange pumpkin, clearly to be seen.

Raise your eyes then, lift them skyward, and behold the sight:

Speared atop McGraw's high tower, lighting up the night!

Who can tell from whence it came there, silent and alone?

See the guardian of the harvest, nobly thus enthroned!

Raise your glasses, sing in chorus, shout in jubilee:

Great Cucurbita maxima, Hail, all hail to thee!

Lyric History

Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 12:33:46

To: (Oliver Habicht) (Pumpkin page)

From: Evangeline Ray <>

Subject: To a Pumpkin

Hello Oliver - I'm a fellow staff member at Cornell, also fascinated by the

pumpkin. I thought there ought to be a proper Cornell song written about

the pumpkin, so I've reworked the lyrics of the alma mater in honor of the

noble vegetable. If you'd like to include these in your web site, feel

free to do so! Here they are - enjoy!

Evangeline Ray

Publications Assistant

Cornell East Asia Series

140 Uris Hall


fax 607-255-1388

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